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Why aren’t we working together yet?

Some of you out there might think when you visit my website, “There’s this art thing she does, and there’s videos, and workshops…?” Well, yes, of course. I’m an older person with years of experience in many disciplines. I’ve worked in industry/manufacturing during my years of industrial chemistry and recycling industrial fluids… yes, you can and should. I’ve also been in sales and marketing forever. I’ve been a paid writer, marketer, manager, seminar and workshop instructor and on and on… So, here it is. That’s why I say, “How can I help you?”
Currently, I’m doing my digital work online, full-time. I love it. That’s what keeps all of this flowing. It is an outlet for me to write about my experiences because I’ve done so much and have so much more to do. So, the question is as stated in the title. Why aren’t we working together yet?
It’s a changing world and digital marketing is replacing a lot of people. Look, many times I’ve earned accolades and promotions. But, I’ve also been downsized, fired, or replaced. I know the upset one goes through, having to change their lifestyle. But, I’m a chamelion and I adapt. I’m not afraid to try new things or new vocations. It’s always given me incredible experiences and I thrive on challenges. Despite having worked on computers for instance, and learning many different types of software programs, I can attest that digital marketing is a real challenge. It’s also a multi-billion dollar industry that’s growing logarithmically every year.
Now, I’ll explain why I suggest you hire me for your digital-marketing services – outsource your job to me… Many companies already do this. Take the large auto manufacturers. They don’t build any of their vehicles entirely. They “outsource” for what is referred to as “Tier 1, 2 or even 3” suppliers. These are other companies that supply the parts the larger auto manufacturers need. It’s not a new concept. It’s what helps fuel our economies. When I worked for an organization that provided recycling-service contracts, we were an outsourced provider. Our customers hired us to do jobs they didn’t want to do and we could do it better and help them save money. That’s how that works! Outsourcing saves money!
Well, that’s what I offer. You outsource your digital-marketing services to my team and I. We focus on what you need with customized campaigns, targetted ads, ad funnels, social-media ads, etc., and you don’t have to invest in training us, providing expensive benefit packages and waiting for us to get up to speed. That, my friend, is a HUGE savings to you, meaning…. more PROFIT for your company.
I highly suggest you give me a call, DM me on Instagram, or email me. I’ll prove to you why you want to outsource instead of hire another employee and I’ll GUARANTEE your results. Your employee won’t. They may not even keep working with you after a few months…. It’s true. Why don’t you get ahead of the old ways of doing business and take 15 minutes to find out how I can REALLY help you.

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