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The Perfect Night In

When I prepare dinner, I can watch the news from where I cook. I like to be informed and hear about current events, as depressing as they may be… I started off with a box of gluten-free pasta and white-cheese blend and got the pasta going on low boil. Always add in a little bit of oil or butter and don’t forget to salt your pasta. Into the frying pan, I add some chicken stock, spices and pesto, spinach, shallots, king mushrooms, zucchini and gluten-free turkey kolbasa pieces. My spices include cayenne pepper to give my blood a boost. I’m just sayin’. Besides, a bit of heat always adds to the experience, don’t you think?
When the pasta is done, I drain most of the water off. Not all because a bit of the starchy water also gives a boost to the texture of the dish. Then I add the pasta to the fry pan with the goodies and give it a generous toss around. Finally, I add in the powdered-white cheese and continue mixing all the lovely ingredients together. That’s dinner, done. Time to turn the TV off because tonight, after I enjoy my dinner, I’m going to get in some reading.
Sometimes, I have my dinner with a cup of ginger and orange tea that I make myself. Slices of mandarin orange, including the peel and about an inch of fresh ginger, peeled and sliced thin. But tonight, I’m choosing my favourite Australian Shiraz instead. The wine is poured so it can breath a few minutes whilst I serve my pasta into a flat-ish soup bowl and toss some garnish on top, like finely-chopped basil.
I take my book under one arm and my bowl of pasta in hand and tell “Alexa” to play my favourite blues station, on low. Then I cozy up with my glass of wine and say a heartfelt cheers to myself and with gratitude for the day, I salute the air in a spiritual hug to my loved ones who live far away and to those not here with me anymore.
Immediately, I feel a sense of calm and joy, knowing I accomplished helping people in my coaching business today, and celebrate what I have at this moment. Listening to some great tunes, I sip my wine and enjoy each spoonful of my dinner. Cooking is easy when it’s pasta and fresh ingredients. It tastes incredible and takes about 20 minutes from start to sitting down. I’m worth it. Every person is.
Leisurely, I finish my dinner and enjoy my glass of wine. Dishes will wait. I turn to the page where I left off in my book and then sit back, putting my feet up on the couch and throwing my soft blanket over my legs. Boy, this is a good book and I’ve happily turned off my phone ringer so as not be interrupted while I read for at least a couple of hours.
Later, when I glance over at Alexa, she displays the time, “11:15” pm. Whoa! It’s been over 4 hours of reading. How great is that? It’s blissful and now, I go to get ready for bed, feeling relaxed and knowing, tomorrow, I’ll be back at it and take on another day. The perfect night in doesn’t have to depend on anyone else for my entertainment. I’ve had years of practice at enjoying my own company without reserve. If you happen to be on your own, remember, you get to plan your perfect evening without anyone telling you how it should be. I hope yours is as great as mine was.

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