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Lights, Camera, Action

Except, there’s no lights – yet. Only natural light for CSG. However, I have evolved as is my destiny to do so. I invested into a new laptop, and finally… a selfie stick. Trying to bring it all together, growing a small business – “a la solo” is an everday task. In fact, it’s a list of tasks. More promotion means time spent making technology all work together to do the promotional side of it. And let me tell you, I’ve had lots of issues making sure the website is looking the way it should and I’m constantly uploading content to 2 websites, Instagram, Twitter and into my Google Account. It’s incredible how digital-business require as much attention and focus as would a bricks and mortar store.

Where is the light?

What’s great about the opportunity is for a fraction of the cost, one can do this. I’m living proof that “Cheap Street Gallery” is not only the business, it’s the mission statement by which I’m growing my business. It comes down to loving all aspects of what it is to work at the commitment for myself. And that my friends is “belief.” The absolute belief that these words and this work will find it’s audience and support via connection to every other small-business venturist out there. I see you because I, like you, am working on it. Good luck to all of us.
With Kindness.

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