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Last chance for 60+?

Part of the truth of me being here (figuratively,) is I identify as an “entrepreneur.” I just watched a video from a prominent sales funnel company, and one of the speakers was talking about it. I’m paraphrasing here, but the man who was speaking said, “An entrepreneur is someone who feels as though they’re different from everyone around them and certainly, from most people they know.” Check. Secondly, “It’s someone who’s always had and can’t ignore, a burning desire to make a difference in the world with their approach, concept, or ideas.” Check. And thirdly, although there are more, and this is the one that resonated with me… “Someone who’s sensitive and someone who is willing to use their sensitivity and creativity to drive their desire to fruition.” Check, check, check.
I offer another differentiating factor from my own story. I’m not married or in a supportive-partner relationship, no children and I don’t work with people in my network to help me achieve this goal. Not that I don’t have support. Of course I do, from my friends, direct family and my extended family. They are hopeful that I can make this work. But I’m also someone who’s lost over and over again. I don’t mind sharing that because it is another common attribute of an entrepreneur. We don’t quit. Even at my age.
Every fibre in my being is driving me forward and as I speak, I’m down to my last dollars (again.) I have no car because it died over the Christmas holidays and I have no income. For most people, that would honestly generate ill-intended thoughts. I won’t go there. It is simply my truth at this moment and doesn’t diminish my purpose. As we dream builders like to say, “Until now.” That is not only the hope we cherish but the truth of our potential.
I am what is known as the “lone wolf.” Internally, I wear it as a badge of honour. It is my source of strength and reassurance to validate what I’m doing. This lone wolf just turned 61. That fact puts me into an even more rare category. Thankfully, I understand, age is no barrier to achieving dreams. We all are put here to take those steps towards an expansive, ever-seeking purpose and age restrictions are only dumb rules imposed by dumb mores. I know too, I’m not the only one out there. “My” people are out there, somewhere, and someday, I’ll meet them. Hopefully, soon. We share a lot in common. Until, I do, I will continue the steps towards my enlightenment and know I’m only one click away from the tidal wave of connection that will domino the effect I’m trying to be a part of.
If you’re out there, down to your last bucks and on a similar journey, I salute you and understand your drive, concerns, fears and determination. It isn’t that we’re brave. Although, in many aspects we are because we’re not afraid to wear our hearts on our sleeves and do everything we can to make that change in the world we know we’re supposed to. We entrepreneurs are crazy enough not to care about what others think. Instead, we pick ourselves up, over and over again, rebuilding from the scraps and bits of strings of our ideas and build that “something” that our soul is telling us to do.

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