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Inspiration and the Paint Brush

I said these words on Facebook yesterday… “When inspiration strikes, Cheap Street Gallery strikes back with a paint brush and a hanging mobile re-boot.” Oh ya, I’m on Facebook now – huh! This is how being creative is real freedom. Inspiration is always there, in the “wanting” to create art. In my case, it’s a combination of inspired motivation and the screaming chimps on the bleachers in my head that get me to dive back into it.

Always the same joy. I don’t know what the picture will look like. I only have the vaguest idea of what I want to put on a page. This time, something representing a mix of watery colours. It’s now entitled, “Abstract in 8.” The smiles in the pictures are genuine because it’s the empitomy of freedom. No rules, no external management, and no one to criticize the process or the result. It’s so worth my time for a sense of being just me.

I also re-imagined an existing mobile I made last year. As I sit here writing, the mobile floats and turns, quietly demonstrating breath of air above of my head. It was a challenge to make the cross bars for it, out of dowel pieces and wiring them together. I used fishing line as the hanging line. Now, it’s a floating-wine themed piece of mobile art. Lovely.

When I allow the process to unfold, I become a creative factory. Furniture was moved around, art exchanged amongst my rooms and now after all the projects, I feel relaxed and satisfied. I’m enjoying the novelty of change and appreciation of newness. What a natural tonic for feeling good.

That’s what it’s about. The result is a complete experience – the freedom, the creative manifestation and the joy of accomplishment.

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