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Good things Come to Those Who Wait?

Well, that’s what we’re taught, isn’t it? Personally, I disagree. These days, from the point of view of an entrepreneur, I think more about “Good things come to those who manifest it.” For the like-minded, successful people out there, I can feel your “She’s got that right!” Waiting in some cases is simply detrimental to achieving your dreams.
Waiting represents some point in the future, and that’s exactly what you get… more of the same. Your reality then becomes a continuation of waiting for some point in the future. And, on it goes. I don’t think like that any more and I have to tell you, it’s taken quite a bit of research to understand something so fundamental.
There is a truth that we all share. Everyone has experienced this… The act of thinking of something and then letting it go, quite innocently and authentically. All of a sudden it starts appearing in your life. Be it, thinking of a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Then you run into them the next day, or they call out of the blue… Or, maybe you’re thinking about a specific thing you want, say a type of vehicle. Next thing you know, you start seeing them everywhere. That’s what I’m talking about. We never pay much attention to “why” that happens. We chalk it up to “coincidence.” In fact, it’s more than that. It’s physics.
I’m not making any of this up. It’s actually grounded in science and there’s plenty of successful gurus who charge hundreds of thousands of dollars educating the masses with the exact same scientific principals. I’m one of them too, (for a much more reasonable fee.) There is a process of how this works that most of us are unaware of. We’ve never been taught by current standards of education.
It’s very simple. Your thoughts create electrical charges and your feelings emit magnetic charges. Together, they form electro-magnetic fields that then attract what you are focused on. You’ve unconsciously combined this phenomenon and it starts to manifest. You created the electro-magnetic field around you and then you notice it appearing. Wwwwhhhaaattt?
Yes. The example of the friend you haven’t seen in a while is the proof. You can think of lots of other examples where this has happened in your life. Or, maybe you know someone who’s told you, “Oh, I always get what I want.” That’s how they’re doing it. Even if they don’t understand it themselves.
So how can you put this into practice for something you want? Here’s the steps.

1. Let’s say, you want a new fridge. Think about already having that new fridge, in detail… (the model, style, colour, brand.) Get a picture of it if you want to help you visualise it in detail. Be specific about those details. Don’t be vague. Be very detailed.
2. Imagine already having it. Practice this. Visualize it already in your kitchen.
3. How does that make you feel? Excited? Grateful? Proud? Great! Hang on to those feelings. Feel those feelings. You’re matching the feelings to the thought.
4. Now, just practice those steps. Imagine you already have it and be happy about it. Then, let it go, out of your mind. This is how you will start to manifest it coming into your life. Even if it doesn’t exist today.
5. Next, you must be aware of what you’re noticing. Perhaps, a commercial about that appliance or appliances in general will be on TV. Notice that! Maybe, you hear about a sale on that appliance… Notice that. Whatever it is, be aware and stay in tune with that “frequency.”
6.Lastly, and most importantly, don’t worry about the “how.” How it becomes possible, doesn’t matter and isn’t up to you. If you start stumbling over, “I don’t have enough money to buy that fridge,” or other blocks, you’ll start creating a relationship with those blocks, and guess what? That fridge ain’t comin’ because you changed the frequency of what you were thinking about. You now attract reasons for that fridge to be too expensive. If you focus on the blocks, you’ll start to repel what it is you want. That’s the part about letting go. Remember, “energy goes, where energy flows.” I learned that powerful statement recently from Mary Morrisey and I’m so happy I did.

Think of the example of the friend. You thought about them with love and affection, then let it go, and they showed up in your life. You didn’t do anything more, except think of them. That process created the electro-magnetic field that brought them to you. Simple. Practice, the thought of already having whatever it is that you desire, big or small. No limits, and it isn’t necessarily about things. Maybe you want better health, a new relationship, travel, whatever… It all works the same way.
Please understand, that’s not to say, you never have to work for anything. Not at all. Part of what you may notice, are new ideas on how to earn the money to buy that thing, offers to join a gym, travel commercials, someone all of a sudden has someone they want you to meet… You have to be aware of what is you personally desire and notice the signs of it beginning to show up. Then follow the steps as they’re presented to you to do what’s next to get what you desire. It may take minutes, days, or years. Afterall, you can’t build a house overnight. I’m just sayin’. Don’t let time be a deterrent either. Keep repeating the same steps of having what you want already, and be gratefu for having it. Keep your focus there, and the process will reinforce your desire and make the field stronger. Believe in the process, notice what you’re noticing and things will start to happen in your life.
Taking this leap of faith hasn’t been easy for me because I live alone and am used to having to think about every detail of how to make things happen. I need to let go more and just “be” more. I am a grateful person by nature but, I admit to having more of a relationship with my own mental blocks and it’s been quite painful at times. However, my faith in myself is much stronger and I’m never afraid to learn or try new things. Thankfully, I’m getting better at it and practicing my own manifestations daily. I have to tell how grateful I am because I certainly prove to myself daily that my own miracles are real.
I hope you join me and so many thousands of others in this liberation beyond what we were taught and (actually) denied as children from our formal education. Focus on your passions with confidence, knowing you are meant to be and discover what you couldn’t even imagine. That’s the miracle! Stay positive, kind and mostly, be GRATEFUL. That is a powerful combination to help you become the best version of yourself and how best you can help others. That is why we’re here in this human experience.

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