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Time To Go Back

Every year it happens. We look forward to Spring. The return of nature’s colourful dressing and warmer-longer days. We wake up and feel renewed again. Our spirit smiles in warm sunshine. We’re energized and excited for spending more time outside. It’s wonderful. We get into full-on activities of Summer. Long-weekend celebrations, swimming at the beach with friends, BBQ season, and vacations. But, before we know it, the end of August is upon us. Every year… it flies by. Three months pass as if it happens in two weeks. This year is no exception.
There was a great deal of anticipation for the Summer of 2022 . Restrictions from the pandemic eased and we could feel more free than we have in the past two years. Wonderful, indeed. Perhaps that’s why we enjoyed it to the “max.” A little bittersweet because we’re just starting to feel more normal and summer’s winding down. The days are getting shorter and we’re getting a few hints of Fall. A couple of cooler nights, trees starting to reveal their colours and it’s already September.
Fall gets us back into routine. Going to sleep earlier, getting organised and focusing on projects again. Whether you’re a student or working in your career, the Fall season seems to make us commit once again to schedules and completing tasks.
For me, I have a busy job that I enjoy very much. My projects at work are ongoing so I’m not as influenced by the time of year. However, in my designs, I certainly am. I’m inspired to design with the seasons. These days more rich hues inspire my pieces. I think of vibrant reds, oranges, yellows, deep blues and shades of rusty-browns. Warm and cozy comes to mind. I get excited whenever my artistic inspiration compels me to create. The features and specials of this chapter are the switch-up on my “Home” page. I changed the slide shows to show you some designs you maybe haven’t seen. Of course, if you’re new to my website, it’s all new to you. Enjoy my offering. There is always something for most people and like the changing seasons, Cheap Street Gallery evolves as well.

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