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CSG Quotes Of Wisdom-Ish

Selfie of me, Diane with glasses perched on my head, wearing a red-patterned scarf and blue and white pin-striped shirt.

I like to ponder thoughts and create my own quotes based on experiences, or personal rights of passage. It’s because I’m a writer as well and this is one form of writing I do. My quotes are not intended to be a revelation for anyone. If someone feels a connection to my words… You are welcome!

  • Color and prints are designed to wake the senses
  • I don’t do boring well
  • I always burn a candle. It reminds me to believe
  • Real change only comes by really changing
  • Affirmation from outside is never the same as confirmation from within
  • If I like you, I’ll be glad to help you. If I don’t like you, I’ll be glad to help you for a reasonable fee
  • I’ve come to the age when I can say I’m proud to be full of it… Inspiration
  • My style of inclusive art is my spiritual handshake with the world
  • A resume tries to impress an employer. Artwork doesn’t try to impress and needs no previous experience
  • Most of my artwork isn’t planned. In fact, I have no idea what it’ll be until I put pencil to paper. Then it shows up
  • Even the bleachers of screaming chimps in my head smile and nod when I draw
  • Honoring aging is liberation from relating wrinkles and gray hair to ugliness. Fear is a liar
  • People who tell you things can’t be done “that way” need to learn their thinking is true for only one person
  • Some of my best moments are right now
  • Everything changes. It has to and so will you. Evolve naturally, or go kicking and screaming. That’s life
  • There is joy in my own company, sitting and writing quotes for my website
  • At my age, there is very little about myself I take too seriously. I already believe in the important parts of me
  • One of my favourite times of any day is when I laugh
  • I’ve had many friends in my life. The ones that are still here are extended family
  • For so many years I worked hard to find out I’m happiest now doing this
  • Creativity is my curiousity at what it is that wants me to put form to it
  • It’s so wonderful when a crazy day can transform with creativity into meditative expressions of beautiful
  • I’ve learned that all my forms of creativity, drawing, writing, journaling, poetry, painting, gardening and such… are mental aerobics. When I’m finished, I sleep really well
  • I’m really good at forgiveness. I practice on myself often
  • If you haven’t done something your really enjoy for a while, no one’s going to force you to get back at it, except your own regret
  • Yup… quotes are my thing. Pleased to meet you
  • Getting older doesn’t mean I’m worried if you guess my age. I’m proud to tell you if you ask
  • 2022 is the year we all start the rest of our lives. If for no other reason, love and enjoy much more than you ever did before
  • Don’t include me in your drama. I don’t have that kind of time left
  • I’m here to help when you need me. But, never to enable the mistakes you keep choosing for yourself
  • I love wisdom directed by simplicity. It’s easier to breathe in reality
  • The screaming chimps on the bleachers in my head are the crowd of fans that blessed crazy brings to any party

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