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I’m here to help

For those of you visiting my website – thank you. In order to make it “user friendly,” I offer the following suggestions and tips so you save time and get to the right products without having to do long, drawn-out searches.

Sliders and the stores

On my “Features and Specials” page, you’ll find a brief description with a “slider” below. The slider is a slideshow of a small cross-section of some products and my art style. It’s intention is to show you the variety of both products and my artwork. If you’re looking for gift ideas, I encourage you to check out my store, “RedBubble.” There you’ll find everything from T-shirts, ball caps, housewares – like clocks and art prints, to socks, aprons, puzzles, bedding and a large selection of electronic accessories.
For the person looking for designer clothing, I encourage you to check out my store, “Le Galeriste.” They’re located in Quebec and they cut the fabrics by hand, instead of mass production houses. You get custom care without the high-end price.
Lastly, if you’re looking for some furniture, then “Society6” is the store for you. When you click on that link below, you’ll see my designs on credenzas, tables, folding chairs, rugs and a lot of other products.
For more help, keep scrolling.

Ok…. now what?

Once you see a design you like, click on the store below and it takes you directly to my shop. You’ll see my “Cheap Street Banner” at the top of each store to confirm it’s mine.
For “RedBubble,” the easiest way to get to the design you want, is to click on “Explore Designs.” It’s the tab on the right, beside “Shop Products.” Just scroll through my designs. You may have to go through a few pages before you find the one you want. There are 168 designs posted on “RedBubble.” When you find the design, click on it and all the products for that design wil appear. For most of my designs, there are up to 86 products in total to choose from. Then click on the product you want and you can find out all the information, size guides (if applicable,) prices for different sizes and of course, place your order.

RedBubble Search Tips

For “Le Galeriste,” it’s a little different. Once you click on the link below and it takes you to my shop, just click on the list of product offerings on the left-hand side. Each category has a “+” sign beside it for the drop-down box of choices. When you click on one of those, it’ll take you to the page showing you all my designs for that product. Then click on your product and again, all the information and order options follow.

Le Galeriste Search Tips

For “Society6,” I’ll give you another trick. At the top in the search bar…. say you’re looking for “sling chairs.” Enter the following, “detalas sling chairs.” Then it’ll show you all my designs for sling chairs. You can do that same search for any product. Like “detalas credenzas,” or “detalas clocks.” The reason I suggest that is because my shop username is “detalas” instead of “Cheap Street Gallery.” It was early days of me registering and I didn’t think about the bigger picture at the time. Still… it’s an easy way to find the product(s) you’re looking for.

Society6 Search Tips

I hope that helps :0)

My goal is for you to have an enjoyable experience while exploring my website (here) and simple steps to get to the products you want to buy. I understand sometimes technology claims to be user-friendly and you end up getting to the page you want in “50 easy steps.” No fun. I have a modo, “If it ain’t fun, I don’t do it.” I think the same should apply to my website experience for your sake as well. Happy exploring, shopping and discovering more about Cheap Street Gallery designs.
With Kindness

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