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Creating Designs Vs. Website Design 

I used to have another website about 7 or more years ago. A few of you may remember, “” Back then I wrote a lifestyle blog called “The Older I Am.” I posted experiences about my travels, visits with my friends, and about my dog, Spirit. I still write and occasionally submit verses for greeting cards, or poetry submissions. Then when COVID shut us all down, like so many millions, I was furloughed from my job. 


Living alone means there is no “self-isolation” and it helps because when you live alone, there’s always something that needs attention. I started painting. My downstairs hallway – at first. Next, I covered the balustrades on my deck with fabric for privacy. That was a great project and still looks good more than a year later. Then, my first inspiration hit me.  

I’ve always admired the geometric-patterned paintings in our area. They’re particularly noticeable throughout neighboring Prince Edward County. You see them in front of homes, farms, and businesses. All unique and lovely. After several attempts, I created my first design, “Geometric Hummingbird.” Since it was intended as outdoor art to be displayed in the front-walkway garden, I painted it on a large piece of plywood. That was June 2020 and from that first painting, the gateway opened and the flood of progress ensued.  

one piece at a time

Today, there are three online stores, more than 160 original designs, both in acrylic paint, and pencil-crayon designs, and a miriad of promotion to go with it. All efforts under the “Cheap Street Gallery” umbrella, a name I created for a craft/art show I did back in 2017. While thinking about harnessing all of these endeavors, it occurred to me this evolution is becoming it’s own entity and as such, I wanted to officially own my business-name’s sake. So, I purchased “Cheap Street Gallery” as my domain name and I could’ve just left it at that, using the name without concern, but no… I decided to create my website. I mean, after all, I’ve done it before. It was relatively easy and it had a really-nice “magazine” aesthetic to it. 
Here we are in May 2021 and my attempts at creating my website this time were a frustrating, unmitigated disaster. Despite having worked on computers since the early 80s, throughout many evolutions of programs, industry-specific protocols, and the experience of creating a website in the past, I found myself at a loss. Honestly, I’m not a web designer and I know my limits.  

Diane…Meet Marie

Thankfully, I found Marie Perry (MTech Services Web Design.) I shopped locally through a digital networking community I belong to and we connected. She saved my bacon! We began to collaborate on the design. She asked me to send her stuff. I did, and we accomplished the look of Cheap Street Gallery – the website, and I’m very proud of it. I couldn’t have done it without her. Despite having no regrets of retaining her services, I think it’s a little sad that it’s so complicated for a moderately tech-savvy person like myself to be so helpless with seemingly simple tasks. In these first few days of my site’s genesis, trying to add content left me frustrated and giving up after a late evening’s worth of effort, going off to bed feeling defeated. Once again, really thankful for Marie. She’s been the fixer and expert who gets it done. Of course, I believe in the effort for the goal’s sake because i believe in myself. Content for my website helps me to keep funneling my daydreams into the manifestation of showing you what they are and how they look on some amazing products. That, I enjoy. Dreaming, drawing, and feeling inspired. We all do, in our own ways. 

Building your brand – No kidding, it’s work

To the many multitudes of “you” out there, currently building your own brand, you get it. All of this is in addition to promotion on Instagram and Twitter. Don’t forget YouTube. But not FaceBook (they won’t let me join – don’t care FB.) Oh yes, and Google too. I have lots of information there, pictures etc. All of that is hours and hours of homework. And so it goes. Effort, evolution and result. Connections of creativity from muse to website.  
There is no end to this story. Only a continuation of the journey. So please, support my brand, perhaps even instead of giving your hard-earned dollars to a billionaire today. They can afford to give up a little crumb from the pie. Then I can continue to pay Marie because my website looks really cool, eh? (Yes, I’m a proud Canadian, and don’t forget to shop local.) 
With kindness. 

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