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On April 7, 2020, the company I was working for under contract made a decision to cease operations due to COVID-19 because we were considered a non-essential service. The consensus from people I spoke to as potential clients were more-or-less, completely distracted with the biggest unknown – whether or not they would be employed in the near future. The climate wasn’t good. So, it was the right decision to shut down. My position, just as many millions of others, became “furloughed” until further notice.

What are you gonna do?

What does one do? For me as a single person, self isolation wasn’t an issue and I’m not one to sit around. I decided to get busy. I painted my downstairs hallway. Then I got inspired to paint (for the first time,) an image I’d had in my head for about 18 months. Throughout Prince Edward County, you’ll find a lot of geometric artwork based on quilting patterns, and they’re amazing. Painted as large-scale pieces, each is unique in design and character. From that inspiration I created my painting on plywood, (featured above) a large piece called, “Geometric Hummingbird,” and it sits outside, placed in the front-walkway garden. By-the-way, it looks AMAZING on t-shirts too. Check it out in my RedBubble store. (I’m just sayin’.)

Art To Online

The name “Cheap Street Gallery,” I came up with back in 2017 when I did a home-Christmas craft show. It’s a play on words referring to my low budget, resourceful sourcing and personal sense of humor. The name stuck and is now my artistic identity relating to what came next.
I decided to start uploading my artwork based on one of my sister’s recommendations and it grew from there. I worked from Spring 2020 to what is now more than 160 original designs and 3 online stores. Between the 3 stores, there’s about 18,000 different products to choose from. Clothing, fine fashions, electronic-device coverings, art prints of all kinds, home decor, bedding, furniture, outdoor lifestyle, masks, mugs and so much more. Something for everyone, indeed.

What’s Next

It’s my hope that I’ll make the right connections and my dream of sharing my designs on thousands of products available will be enjoyed by the masses. Who needs another product? It’s not a matter of need. It’s a matter of artists like me bringing original design and unique expressions to everyone. I see too much of the same-boring, flat-single color tones in every big-box store. I offer the world something else. I offer you colorful shapes, patterns, and themes. There’s also some lighthearted images, some political/spiritual statements, and definitely some humor.
That’s what Cheap Street Gallery’s about. A woman with a pension for drawing, painting, and writing. A creative soul who isn’t the latest trend. Cheap Street Gallery doesn’t conform. Cheap Street Gallery is my creative outlet with my muse – “Blues Music Fan Radio” to help fuel my inspiration. Enjoy your awakening.
With Kindness

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