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Welcome To Cheap Street Gallery

When I began Cheap Street Gallery in 2020, it was solely for the purpose of promoting my art. Over the past few years, it’s now evolved to become my sole proprietorship and the “Gallery” is a metaphor for a complilation of products and services that I offer.
One of my passions is doing training workshops and courses (live or online.) Helping people has always been my motivation, whether it was as a Project Manager, Sales Manager, or Product Manager. It’s the best part of my job… connecting, interacting, and supporting others.

Welcome all, and thanks for joining me. I’m here to help you and maybe you’ll find a fabulous piece of art while you’re here. I have three online stores at the bottom of this page. Check it out and enjoy the ride of my unique style of art.

6-Week Online Course… Yes Please!

6-Week course to help newly-single people create a fabulous life for themselves.

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When my Mom was going through a tough time, I asked her to reach out to Diane. She did and signed up for her course. She’s so glad she did, and we are too because she’s doing so much better. Thank you so much, Diane!” – J. Scranton, Cleveland, OH

“When I moved away from home to start my career, I was feeling really anxious. I wasn’t sure if I could live on my own. Now, I’m KNOW I can. Diane taught me a lot about what my life could be and why I deserve it. Thanks, Diane.” – C. Bartons, AB, Canada

Or, A couple of workshops… You Choose.

2-Hour Workshop to Get You the Fastest Results into Your Pocket Today!
2-Hour Workshop on How to Give An Excellent Presentation

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